Summer Hair Care Tips For A Glossy Mane

“Summer-time, and the living is easy”… or so the old Gershwin song goes, but as far as your hair is concerned it’s time to be…

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‘How I Found My Glow In Time For My Wedding Day!’

At Lumity we have noticed that there’s a lot of supplement sceptics out there, who find it hard to believe that taking your ‘six a…

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5 Ways To Get That Summer Glow

Summer is just around the corner, which means the drinks get cooler, hair gets lighter and the music gets louder… but nothing beats rocking a…

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The Ultimate Guide To Ageless Beauty

Dr. Julie Russak is one of New York’s top board certified dermatologists and is a world renowned expert in ageless beauty. She is the founder…

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Self-Tan: How To Fake Golden Summer Skin

With June just around the corner and the summer almost well and truly here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s sometimes easy to forget to apply…

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Are You Ready To Revamp Your Summer Beauty Routine?

With summer firmly in the air in the Northern Hemisphere, and Autumn on its way in the southern part of the world, it’s time to…

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The Skincare Secrets The A-List Swear By

The A-list spend their entire lives surrounded by the very best hair, beauty and skincare professionals, and as they travel almost all of the time,…

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Beauty Advice From Our Experts’ Mothers

Maybe your mother gave you beauty advice, told you to eat your vegetables, to never fall asleep whilst wearing make-up, or she impressed upon you…

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