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‘How I Kicked My Sugar Habit For Good’

One of the fantastic things about Lumity is that once people make one healthy lifestyle choice, others tend to follow. Those of us who have…

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Superfood Treats To Make Your Skin Glow

The chances are that the weather’s pretty hot where you are at the moment. But even if it isn’t, how could you resist the skin-clearing,…

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Expert’s View: Is Juicing Bad For You?

Juicing has exploded in popularity over the past few years, and whilst a morning smoothie consisting of fruit and/or veg is a delicious and nutritious…

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How To Fall In Love With Exercise Again

It’s more important than ever to get your body moving; new research by scientists in Belgium has found that just 45 minutes of cardio exercise…

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‘How I Found My Glow In Time For My Wedding Day!’

At Lumity we have noticed that there’s a lot of supplement sceptics out there, who find it hard to believe that taking your ‘six a…

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The Easiest Way To Instantly Boost Wellbeing

You must know that feeling when you’re driving along and a song you used to play in college comes on the radio: Suddenly all of…

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How I Learned To Sleep After Years Of Insomnia

For many of us, getting to sleep at night is a huge issue.┬áThen actually staying asleep, instead of waking up constantly and worrying about everything…

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Lose Your Mental Weight Before Summer!

It’s all very well going on a diet before the summer holidays, but let’s face it that’s easy compared to losing the mental baggage that’s…

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